When you’re recovering from a personal injury accident, you could be asking yourself how much you’ll be getting as a settlement. As a victim, you’ll rightfully want to know the value of your claim. As much there is no blanket cost, you can always expect the ballpark figure for the majority of the cases. There are a couple of variables that will determine how much you’ll be expected to receive as compensation and personal injury attorneys in Cordova, TN can help you in determining the range of how much you’ll be receiving.

The Range Varies

The amount of settlement that you receive varies greatly depending on the nature of the case. Some of the factors that will come into play will include medical bills, lost wages, damage to property, pain & suffering, and a lot more. On the lower end of the spectrum, you can expect a couple of thousands of dollars but a lot of the cases will yield a lot more. This is mainly due to the fact that personal injury attorneys are selective with the type of cases that they’d want to handle.

The average figure is from $3500 to $75000. Don’t depend on online calculators to make an estimate of how much you’ll be getting as compensation. There are cases that have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation but that rarely happens. Such cases could involve unique circumstances that make all the difference. A good personal injury lawyer should be able to advise on where your case falls in terms of compensation so that you have an idea of what to expect.

Will Your Case Settle With the Average Amount?

It is not always good to make assumptions about your claim. You could be surprised at just how much you’re able to claim the different categories when working with an accomplished attorney. The only way you can truly know the value of the claim is by getting in touch with an experienced attorney. He or she will be able to take all factors into consideration when coming up with the compensation package.

Determining The Value of the Claim

In order to determine the value of the claim, there are a couple of components that will need to be analyzed on an individual basis. The value of a case will be made of the main parts: punitive damages, pain, and suffering, and economic damage. When it comes to compensation, the attorney will be looking at the sum total of three parts.

Trial Verdicts

It is important to note the difference between settlement and trial verdicts. A settlement verdict will not be the same for a case that goes to trial. There is a chance that you might not recover anything when the case goes to trial. It is also possible that you’ll receive a more substantial amount compared to a settlement verdict. The most important thing is that you’re working with an experienced personal injury attorney if you’re to get maximum compensation for the injuries.